Let’s Do This!

Hello! I am Maggie and welcome to my fitness journey.


For the past few years, I have been struggling with keeping up with my health and recently it has been getting out of hand. I have been struggling with keeping up with a consistent plan, and a majority of the time I fall of the train by day 2 (LOL! I KNOW PRETTY TERRIBLE!). I recenlty found out that my weight is now categorized as “Overweight” for my height, which became the last straw. That is when i knew I had to change something.

To hold myself accountable, I will be posting on this blog as well as my coordinating instagram so i don’t lose this mental battle with myself.

I have been stuck comparing myself to other girls around me for way too many years, and I am just done with that! I want to gain the condfinence to wear whatever I want, and through fitness, I beleive that I can do it.

For the next 12 weeks I will be following a diet and workout plan that I built that will help me lose fast, increase my muscle mass, and increase the speed of my metablism. This includes lifting wights, hitt & liss cardio, and tracking my macronutrietnt intake. After you see my results, I will be offering fitness consulting to help you similar results as me.

Every four weeks, I will be doing a body progress check-in, and It will consist of how i am feeling, the physical changes in my body, what the hardest part is and the eaisset part of this challenge is, and much more. I wil be providing progress photos to demonstrate how changing your lifestyle can impact how you look and how you feel.

Last week, I weighed in at 161.9 lbs at 5 ft 5 inches. That was the last time i will step on the scale for 12 weeks. I realized that the scale isn’t the end all tell all of my health. Now with this plan, I will be inscreasing my muscle mass, and since muscle does weigh more than fat I know that my weight will not make a drastic change, but the progress and strength of my body will.

For the next 12 weeks, I will be taking a break from swimming hoping to use dryland techniques to improve my strength and endurance before I step back into the water for my high school swim season. SO, that means I will be lifting to build muscle in all main muscle groups to improve my strokes and speed!


I am so excited to be documenting this process on this fabuous blog, and I hope I can have a little army of people who want to follow my unqiue but in inspiring jouney.


On this blog I plan on sharing what techiniuws im suing, fun recupes, and maybe some beauty and fashion stuff as well! So stick around to see my total body progress and help improve your health as well!

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